change the way you #tag

Search for tags for your Instagram photos! Tagognizer will give you optimized, best hashtags for any search.

Generic hashtags are filtered out, since your photos don’t really have a chance of being seen when you use overly-popular tags.

Spammy and popular tags are filtered out to get you more attention make your photos easily discovered.

how it works?

finding right tags has never been easier

Find tags for any photo you are about to post on Instagram. Just describe your photo with keywords and get the list of optimized, curated tags.

Spammy and over-populated tags are removed from the search results.

The best hashtags for Instagram photo are just a couple of clicks away from you.

unlock multiple features

Get an access to multiple app's features, including saving favorite sets of tags for future reuse, adding custom tags appearing each time, blacklisting tags you don't want to see.

Guess what? it's free.

No ads.
No logging in.
No authenticating.
No giving permissions.
Downloaded, works out of the box.

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